Club & Blanks

  About the Club Welcome We welcome all the cat lovers, amateur and professional, those already having a cat and those on the lookout for the meowing friend! “SELENA TIGER” is Estonia’s officially registered Cat Lovers Club organized by the group of breeders-felinologists. On March 3, 2010 our Club joined the WCF (World Cat Federation) under the patronage of the well-known Latvian CAT’s Meow” club (presided by Ian Lavrentyev) It still is early days for “SELENA TIGER”, but our devoted breeders have been working with cats for years. We believe the Club’s future is safe in the capable hands of our experienced felinologists. We adore cats and we look forward to meeting new people who share our feelings towards these magnificent animals. Cats have been living with humans for thousands of years. We take care of them, while they look after us. If you love cats you will agree that having a cat can be quite expensive and time consuming. Our cats are never too far. Keeping a city-based breeding nursery is not an easy task. It takes a lot of patience and devotion to succeed. Our animals take part in major exhibitions, some going all the way up to become World Champions, Champions of Europe and Grand International Champions (just go through our site for examples). Our Club offers professional advice relation to feline wellbeing (care issues etc). We can help to find a mating partner for your pet, and guide you along the way once the kittens arrive. Even if your cat does not belong to any of the recognized breeds it can still make successful appearances at international exhibitions both at home and abroad. We value and respect all our club members, regardless of the breed. All cat lovers are welcome!!!