WCF Registration of cattery names


1. Breeder

A breeder is a person who applies for pedigrees at his club for kittens born in his household (in a breeder community).

2. Kittens – Litter

Each kitten born in the household (in a breeder community) must have a cattery name and a pedigree authorized by his club.

3. Cattery name

A cattery name is an artificial name, which is applied and registered at the WCF and which is consequently protected. Each cattery name has to be requested at the office in Essen. 3 proposed cattery names (in the sequence of their priority) have to be requested through the breeder’s (main) club. The full name (written and not abbreviated), the complete address, at least a phone number, email-address (when available) of the breeder have to be provided. The proposed cattery names will be checked, if similar cattery names are already registered. It is not permitted to propose any names of persons (because of the law of names’ rights) – except the own name, no names of public offices, no names of copyrighted documents (romances, novels, work of literature, etc.) and no names of breeds. Then the office will confirm the registered cattery name.

4. Protection of the cattery name

A registered cattery name will be protected 20 years and cannot be issued once more. That is also valid, when the breeder quits the WCF. If an applicant is member of the WCF, the cattery name will be protected for a lifetime.

5. Transfer of a cattery name

A cattery name can be transferred by a breeder to another breeder by a written contract signed by both breeders, which must be forwarded to the office. When a breeder dies, the heir has to testify certified that he is the legal heir to take or transfer the cattery name. 6. Breeder communityA cattery name may be requested also by 2 or more breeders together, if these breeders form a community. Nevertheless, there must be one main breeder who will get the cattery name, when the community is dissolved. The breeders, who left the community, must apply for a new cattery name.

7. Name of the cat

In general the name of the cat consists of the first name and the cattery name. The entire name of the cat – first name and cattery name – may not be longer than 25 characters.

8. Position of the cattery name

The cattery name can be before or after the first name of the cat. You must indicate the position, when you apply for a cattery name. Examples: Maccurl’s Mimi – cattery name before the first name of the cat Mimi Maccurl – cattery name after the first name of the cat Mimi of Maccurl – cattery name after the first name of the cat Please note that you have to provide the prefix and suffix of the cattery name and do not use any abbreviations. Also not: v. Maccurl – correctly von Maccurl Not: v.d. Waldhöhe – correctly von der Waldhöhe Prefix and suffix count for the length of the entire name of the cat.

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