Subject evenings

Our club hold the following subject evenings. You can subscribe for it by  e-mail: Keep an eye on the schedule in the News. You can also send us information about interesting themes. We will look through Your proposals and will include them in our program with our pleasure.

Name Program
1 For male cat owners Particular features in stud cat maintenance. Show career. Participation in breeding .
2 For female cat owners Maintenance and care for stud female cat. Participation in breeding. Cattery. Show career.
3 Childbirth and obstetrics Pregnancy. Preparation for childbirth. Childbirth. Postpartum nursing. Possible problems .
4 Kittens growing Kittens nursing. Dehelmintization. Vaccination. LR Minister Cabinet regulations. Litter examination .
5 Show career Felinological associations. Title recognition. Shows and Rings. Rules of behavior. Marks and titles.