How to join “Selena Tiger”?

Being a cat owner is great, but you don’t have to be one to join the Club. All that is needed – is love towards Felidae. It goes without saying that we welcome the pedigreed cats. But every cat is entitled to our Club membership – it does not matter if it belongs to a recognized breed, it is irrelevant whether it was rescued from the street or purchased from the open-air market. Of course, not every cat can be a Club breeder, but every cat can participate in exhibitions and gain well-deserved prizes! Joining the Club is a voluntary affair. It is for you to decide whether you need the membership or not. For starters you may wish to go through our Charter, Pedigree Statement and The Club Rules. What are the benefits of the membership? First of all, we offer advice and support. If you have a question we shall do our best to find the answer. Secondly, membership entitles you to free entry to Club seminars and reduced rates for participation in «Selena Tiger» exhibitions. The Club also deals with animal registration and other paperwork matters. We issue Title Certificates, Registration of Litter Certificates, Pedigree Certificates. The Club monitors breeding nurseries and registers them with WCF. To join the Club just complete the application form (which will be considered at the following meeting of the Council) and pay a membership fee.Owners of the pedigreed cats must also enclose copies of the Pedigree Certificates and copies of the most recent Title Certificates (if applicable). Getting in touch with the Club is easy. Applications for certificates and other documentation etc. can be submitted by email from the convenience of your own home. The same applies to most queries that you might have. We also  accept payments made by internet bank transfer.

Welcome to Selena Tiger !

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