Our plans:
15-16.aprill 2017
Olga Gruzd, Russia (AB, WCF)

Wojciech-Albert Kurkowski, Poland (AB, WCF)
14-15 Oktober 2017

JUDGES – Igor Aleksandrovich Bodunov, Russia , (AB, WCF)
Roman Viktorovich Nitsenko, Russia, (AB, WCF)

Dear friends and cat lovers! We invite you to take part in the international exhibition !!!

CUP Selena Tiger 2016 !!!

We are waiting for you on  15 – 16 Oktober 2016  in Tallinn.
Unforgettable prizes and surprises from the club SELENA TIGER
and sponsors are waiting for you !!!

License L# 164053 – EUROPE CONTINENT SHOW – EUR-020 C10409, C10410
judges: Elena Gudkova, Russia (AB, WCF)
Olga Sinitsa, Russia (AB, WCF Guest)
The rules of the exhibition space for the animal !!!! Box 1 animal:. Width – 60 cm, length – 60 cm. in each cell must have a bowl with water and food. If your cells are larger in length, the surcharge money for two days – 2 euros.

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